Form has a rhythm with rather ritual than a raised tone. Such a tone resonates with human psyche and body. Interior design is the instrument and the platform for this performance to be.

My thesis research and project relate to this definition through the embodiment of performance that happens as a result of the mentioned resonance, interaction between human psyche, its genetic material and built environment. Body of my work is questioning the gaps in space that are allowing this vibration to oscillate, move, change, adjust, go across and beyond. This is the quest of a sight that allows the inquiry, and the inquiry that liberates the sight. Through this bare glance, people are completing the gaps in space with their own desires, motifs, beliefs, wondering, imagination. Completion is in inquiry that is coming form a person, not from information. Visceral response embraced by the gaps allows for subjectivity and authenticity to exist. This can eventually brings people together because the self is acknowledged, and no longer separated. The fourth wall, imagined space that divides performer from the audience, becomes a participatory element of an act. Activities in this project are driven by the premises that I have already mentioned. Therefore, inner and the outer forth walls are open.