The Overturned Hill House

  • The Overturned Hill House




The Overturned Hill House bench presents a redesign of the High Hill Chair that was originally created by Charles Mackintosh. The central idea was to make full use of the original design characteristics but rotating them, maintaining the essence and beauty of the original piece while making a statement of its own. The Overturned Hill House Bench can be personalised in a simple and intuitive way.

About The Overturned Hill House

Along each transverse cross bar of the lower metal part of the bench there are square holes that, apart from serving as a visual nod to Mackintosh’s recognisable design, function as a base for the poles at the bottom of the padded backrest. As can be observed from the distribution of the holes, the backrest can be easily placed all along the bench in a stable manner in any position without the use of bolts. In this way, I tried to hide the stiffness of the technical part of assembly of the bench and its backrest.

The unity of beauty and function of redesign that follows the history of the original product is equally important as the personalised design that follows the story of its future owner.