M A R I J A    G A V R I L O V I C


Painting © Predrag Dragovic

Almost everything I know is coming from long conversations with film and theater directors. The rest just followed those ideals. Although my way of expression is mainly different, it is only the media I choose as an author, designer and visual artist.

My hometown is Belgrade, Serbia. After six years in Milan, Italy, my base shifted to New York City where I am currently pursuing master’s degree at the Parsons School of Design.

This is my portfolio website.



Certain kind of design harbors the wisdom of a dream that gives us space and time to reflect on what it could represent or mean, recalling our unique experiences, memories, sensibilities. Akin to evoking soliloquies, this kind of interior design allows us to grow.


These sculptures of time are in the stitching of every human being: like memories of an inner child with the power to guide, heal, and eventually transform – interior design can profoundly influence and shape people’s stories and their sculptures of time.

Marija Gavrilovic


I had a professor in Prague who once said to me “One makes the difference between a bad film and a good film by the fact that in good film, the characters seem to escape from gravity”. I said myself then, why not straightforwardly make people fly like Chagall?

Emir Kusturica